Endure or Petrify



Psalm 135


  1. When have you felt God's active presence around you, like lighting in the rain?
  2. In contrast to God's enduring presence, Psalm 135 describes the dead idols that humanity creates.  What are the lifeless idols in your community?
  3. Between God's active companionship and the petrified nature of the world's idols, which do you feel you are becoming more like?
  4. Describe a person in your life that lives connected to the enduring love, power and name of God.


List the top 5 idols of this world that affect your life.  Do they include money, violence and greed?  Addiction, depression and isolation?  Pray for one of these each day, that God's enduring power can overcome it in your life and connect you to God's deeper blessings.

Carl GladstoneComment