What we learned from Sunday Shindig Beta

On Sunday, November 1st the students of #motowesley hosted a worship experiment at the WSU student center.  The basic idea was to create a potluck/worship gathering for students connected with the various Motor City Wesley small groups and their friends.  

So, the space was sparse and the format was up for review even as we experienced it.  We shared some food, music, prayer, scripture and then were invited to response stations to act on what we'd just heard.  The message was about All Saints Day and participants were invited to think about and reach out to the saints in their lives through postcards, donations in honor of someone, or even decorating some cookies to resemble the saints in our lives. (Thanks Nadia Bolz-Weber!)

We tried using cell phones and tablets as hymnals.  Jury is still out on that one.  Some recognized the familiar blue glow shining up on people's faces as representative of digital isolation.  Others appreciated the interactive nature of a worship bulletin with live links and commenting. 

At our Tuesday meeting we will decide whether a second test run during Advent would be a fruitful next step.  If so, we'll let you know about, we'll fix some things, dress up the space a little better, get the best green been casseroles and see you in December!


Carl GladstoneComment