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Launch Your Conspiracy along With Us. Here’s How…


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Churches and ministries can come alongside MotoWesley to launch young adult and campus ministries in their own context. These covenant partner churches are invited to share their prayers for students, coordinate staff and leadership alongside MotoWesley, and donate annually through the Michigan Conference EngageMI Program (CCMM #3019) or monthly via Patreon.

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Supporting churches get access to the following MotoWesley resources to help launch, perfect and sustain ministries with young adults:

  1. Featured Listing as a MotoWesley Covenant Partner

  2. Coaching with our clergy staff via telephone and/or Zoom calls

  3. Weekly Discussion Guides including Uproar Conversations, Geez Magazine Talking Points and more.

  4. Moto Creative Project (see below) development and deployment.

  5. Motor City Hymns grassroots worship music songbooks, charts and demo tracks for use by local church worship leaders.

  6. Annual Summer Training and Quarterly Zoom Check-Ins

  7. One Free Registration for Fall Retreat or Spring Break

3 Scheme

Then, together we scheme with supportive churches on the following shared programs/events:

  1. Motor City Wesley grants and infrastructure available for Conspiracies of Goodness.

  2. Motor City Villages organized across our geographic area for creating intentional Christian community living options for students and young adults.

  3. Monthly Teach-Ins, Pub Theology and Motor City Hymns events for movement-wide gathering.