MotoWesley [Hearts] West Side UMC


We want to say thanks to Ann Arbor West Side UMC for hosting Carl Gladstone to tell the story of Motor City Wesley and how it connects in with our Biblical narrative of acting out our faith in new worlds.

Carl has loved West Side ever since traveling with a few youth from your church back in 1996 (or so) on the Washington/UN Seminar trip. It was an example way back then of how your faith community is dedicated to caring for the world.

Plus, Sari Brown and Katie Grosh have been two of favorite people to do urban and music ministry with!

Truth is…we love you West Side!

And there’s no better way to say THAT than with an old fashioned MIXTAPE! So here are some of our favorite artists singing songs that connect with your mission of creating Community, Purpose and Caring in your neighborhood and beyond. Listen on Spotify or click here to watch on YouTube. Enjoy!

Motor City Wesley

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