MotoWesley [Hearts] Cass Community UMC

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Dear Cass Community UMC,

From the vey beginning of Motor City Wesley, students have been inspired by your faith community. You are just south of us in the Corridor, but you live like you are a part of God’s restored Heaven and Earth!

Your welcoming and prophetic identity have informed student conspiracies and have given young people a vision of church that resonates with their hopes for an inclusive and beloved community.

We want you to know that we’re praying for all your new endeavors to mobilize the Cass Corridor around Jesus’ justice and grace. Your pastoral leadership, your missional enterprises, your ability to bring churches from all over Metro Detroit together to fight poverty…we just want to celebrate all of it.

So we made you this mixtape! It has some of our favorite artists singing songs that connect with your vision of radical hospitality and transformation and we hope you love it.

Thanks again for being Cass!
Your Friends at Motor City Wesley

Listen to the mixtape below or on Spotify.

Carl GladstoneComment