Communicate your conspiracies well.

At Motor City Wesley we believe that communicating well is critical to transformative Christian discipleship.  That's why we offer covenant partner churches and ministries the opportunity to consult with our creative students to develope, update and share well-designed websites.  Check out a few of the web projects we've worked on below.

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Metro Kids

Metro Kids, a ministry of Metropolitan UMC in Detroit, MI is an outstanding program of excellence in our community tying together city and suburban children and families with centers of learning, nutrition, and spiritual growth.

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Michigan UMC Deacons

We are the Orders of Deacons and Diaconal Ministers of the Michigan Area of the United Methodist Church. We are God-bearers and bridge builders, fully reliant on the loving grace of God our Creator, the saving grace of Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit our Sustainer to keep the promises we make to one another, to the Church, and to the world.  

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Motor City Wesley

Conspiring with young adults to create goodness in and around Detroit, MI as a reponse to the greater goodness God has granted already.


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