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#MotoWesley students bring the best of their talents to practicing their faith in Jesus Christ.  Musicians, poets, painters and more connect the world and the Gospel in ways that expose the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Motor City Hymns

Student artists are writing, re-tuning, recording and sharing music for the transformation of the world.  Get your copy of our benefit album today.



In 2009 a group of students asked if they could try some stuff out. For about $100 per student, they figured they could get into a lot of #goodtrouble for Jesus. So we launched and watched their ideas bear fruit.  Today, Motor City Wesley continues to look for all the ways that student creativity, passion and expertise can make the Gospel real for the people in and around Detroit, MI.

Become a Patron

Motor City Wesley is creating conspiracies of goodness.  Conspire with students to make justice, love, mercy and grace happen in the world.



From intentional Christian community living to conversational Bible studies #MotoWesley seeks to connect every participant to the rich goodness of God.  We want to enact Jesus' justice, love and mercy in meaningful ways and we look for all the instances of that goodness already happening around us in the City of Detroit.

Be Part of the Movement

Covenant partner churches help our students connect their conspiracies of goodness with the rich traditions of historic Christian communities.  Become a covenant partner church today.