Art & Theology

This Fall we've been gathering for an ongoing discussion of music and art that deserves a theological reading.    Check out a few of our conversations below.

#WalkHerWalk with OK GO

  1. The video represents one moment and all the various meanings/details that moment can contain.  When have you experienced "one moment" that has had that kind of complexity within?
  2. The stanza about "for the grace of god go we" re-uses a familiar quote from the 16th century.  But is it used differently here?  How?
  3. #GivingTuesday is a moment that pushes back against the idea that this is the end.  It is a complicated moment where people invest in hopeful responses in the world.  How is such a day like "opening our arms to each other" ?

Green Day and Martyrdom

  1. What's the biblical model for martyrdom? Check out Acts 7.
  2. What does the song Bang Bang mean when they sing "I want to be a celebrity martyr. The leading man in my own private drama" ?
  3. When have Christians adopted this notion of martyrdom?

Hallelujah with Leonard Cohen

  1. Is this is a praise song?  If not, what is it?
  2. Who are the characters in this song and what are they dealing with?
  3. What is a "broken hallelujah?"
  4. How do you understand the verse about the Holy Dove?
  5. Telling the truth about life, love and faith is difficult, sometimes confusing.  How does this song help you in your understanding of the truth of those things?