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Sydney and Patrisha want to warm things up.

They are working with Mt. Clemens First UMC to provide guests at their rotating shelter with gloves, hats, socks and more.

More info at their Facebook Page.

If you'd like to contribute to their conspiracy of goodness click below:

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Visitor Conspiracies!

Genoa Faith Youth visiting Motown Mission put their $100 into generating $320 for Arts & Scraps supplies and the Foundry House.




Charles is heading to Ghana...

Medical Brigades at Wayne State is a chapter of Global Brigades, the world's largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. The Wayne State chapter systematically works with more than 300 other university groups around the world to deliver and implement one of nine skill-based programs that benefit more than 130,000 Honduran, Ghanaian and Panamanian community members annually. Global Medical Brigades develops sustainable health initiatives and provides relief where there is limited access to healthcare. Each community receives a brigade every 3 to 4 months where hundreds of patients are treated and volunteers deliver public health workshops. Electronic patient records are collected for future visitations and to monitor overall community health trends.

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We had three intrepid visitors take on the challenge of a $10 nano-grant.  Below are their results:

Kanzoni shared his nano-grant plus some love with the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.  Carli put her grant into a project she had already launched benefitting Alternatives for Girls.  And Josiah is discerning the best way to use his nano-grant.  Thanks all for your willingness to launch a conspiracy of goodness!

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Hannah and Clara made some puppies' days by pooling their grants and bringing some much needed supplies to the Michigan Humane Society.  Next year, we'll definitely find a way to do the Pet a Puppy event on campus during finals!


This year at WSU's "Winterfest" we wanted to give everyone a chance to experience a little taste of the #motowesley core experience.  So, Julianna came armed with $5 nano-grants, ready to share them with any and all who were willing to join a tiny conspiracy of goodness.  Over the course of the student org fair we gave away 10 grants and heard back from students as they decided how to participate in God's goodness in this world:

  • 2  baskets were donated to an Easter toy drive.

  • 1 hygiene kit was purchased for a homeless woman.

  • 1 pay-it-forward java was purchased at Starbucks in the WSU student center.

  • 2 cases of water were bought for Flint residents

  • 2 meal were bought for homeless folks.

  • 2 meals were purchased for others in need (students and etc)

Thanks to all our new friends who participated and keep conspiring, Detroit!



Always happy to host the visiting Albion College students exploring Detroit as a way to develop as young leaders for the betterment of the world.  This year we sent them out with $100 to see what kind of conspiracy of goodness they could accomplish during their time in the Motor City.  Once they heard of all the good that Eastern Market brings to the residents here, they knew what they wanted to do.  We thank Albion College Sleight Leadership Fellows for their $100 contribution to this great institution.


JD Gladstone was just hanging out on the Motor City Wesley Foundation Fall Retreat as a mascot.  But then he got roped into one of that ministry's "conspiracies of goodness."  Now JD had to figure out how to use a $100 micro-grant to connect Detroit with some movement of justice and mercy in the world.

Soon JD heard about the Century Ride to support the Global Scholarship Fund, and he got an idea.  If he could convince his dad to help him out, he figured he could match donations up to $100 for riding around Detroit for 100 minutes in his cool orange bike trailer.

JD is so thankful to the friends and family that helped him turn $100 into $200 to support young people's higher education around the globe!


Charles used his micro-grant to help the students in Second Grace UMC's summertime Freedom School learn how to write and send letters.


Tom was eager to send his $100 as a donation to this youth arts organization in the city.



Chelsea got the team together to help launch the active phase of the Foundry House rehab!  $100 of Detroit Institute of Bagels and other nourishment was transformed into over $700 worth of volunteer labor through a day of ripping out old fences, clearing out the basement and side lot, and demoing the second floor sun room!  Thanks all!


Clara used her $100 to adopt a Detroit Public Schools classroom and help them get supplied for next Fall with art stuff and more.  Then she and Julianna got to go visit their new friends!

One Day of Giving!

One Day of Giving!

Join Julianna in a one day, online, dollar for dollar donation fest to support local children's autism programs. Make the most of the last day of Autism Awareness Month!


Our group project for Fall 2014 gathered students together to watch the film Mary and Martha and raise money for the Imagine No Malaria campaign We were able to send back $900 to provide bed nets for 90 people.   See more info on the blog!


From Gwen:

Great italian food, incredible Detroit music, good friends and helping out Project Sunset Africa?
This is about to be an awesome night!!!

Please join me to help benefit Sarah Lewan's Project Sunset!
Project Sunset's mission is to provide long lasting mosquito nets treated with insecticide to those without access to them to protect them from this preventable yet deadly disease. And to educate about the causes of malaria and how to prevent infection.

check out their Blog! http://projectsunsetafrica.blogspot.com/ 

Donation at the door: $5. 
Janice Earls : will be opening the show
Carmel Liburdi
The Fragile
Zack Rushlow
Anna Bitzinger : https://m.facebook.com/itslikelavender

(please check out all these fabulously, awesome musicians out on their Band Camp pages)


Tyler Loves the Fishes!

Along with his interest in city planning and the redevelopment of Detroit in general, Tyler Bevier had a particular interest this year in helping re-establish the Belle Isle Aquarium this year.  And, with his benefit dinner he helped raise $2358 from his home church and friends!


Fight the Honeysuckle!

Kaileigh gathered her friends and some Motown Mission volunteers for a day of eradicating invasive species at the Nature Center on Belles Isle!



Coming off their Hearts4Heroes success, the Catalyst team banded together to collect materials and make blankets for the new homeless shelter for veterans in Roseville.


Liz's Big Show!

Liz Lanni loves music and everything art, and wanted to help the students in the Martin Luther King, JR. - High School Band succeed in their own artistic endeavors.  So, she called together her talented friends and hosted this benefit concert that raised $347 to help send these deserving young people on their upcoming band trips.

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Catalysts for Catalysts

Liz and Lydia Lanni took the message of Wayne State Catalyst to Imagine What's NEXT,  the gathering of United Methodist students in St. Louis.  You'll be surprised by their invitation at the end!



Liz Lanni got busy scoring some dirt for the new community gardens connected with Metro UMC.  Check out more from her project at the BLOG PAGE!



Great project gathering donations and hygeine kits for homeless veterans.  See more at the BLOG PAGE!


Josh returns to lead teams on medical themed missions with orphanages and other communities in Ghana and Haiti.


Anna headed to Malawi with her MSU medical school class to serve and learn about health care practices in under resourced communities.  While there she experienced what she describes as "the most moving worship gathering I've ever been to" at the local Malawian United Methodist Church.


Emily and her conspiritors set out to feed some friends on PB&J Day!  Check out their plans here.


Madeline B. decided to use her artistic skills to support artistic kids in Detroit!  With her collection of mixed-media pieces she told the story of an artist maturing in their craft.  Once auctioned Madeline could contribute $125 back to Living Arts Detroit!


Ever spent a day without shoes?  Ever walked around campus barefoot on a snowy day in April?  Catalyst students decided to participate in the "Day Without Shoes" movement to better understand to cost of poverty on the soles of people around the world, and the response that orgs like Tom's and Soles for Souls are offering.

Kaitlyn and Krystle move into the Foundry House for their Summer of service in 2013.

Kaitlyn and Krystle move into the Foundry House for their Summer of service in 2013.

The Foundry House

WSU Catalyst students had a hand in inviting the donation of a building to be used as a "missional hostel" by students and visiting volunteers.  A letter writing campaign featured descriptions of "What I'd Do With a House In Detroit" and eventually the property at 1449 Webb was donated (or, technically, bought for $1) from the Central Detroit Christian CDC.  Renovations are now underway to turn this into a hospitality house for persons visiting and living in intentional Christian community in Detroit.

Click here for more on our renovation efforts!


Noel Night + Mud Mats for Cass!

In 2010 the WSU Catalyst students got excited about supporting this historic ministry with the homeless residents of Detroit.  Watch how they turned Noel Night into a mud mat Christmas miracle.

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Stacey used her grant to buy cables for an under resourced computer lab at the Roberto Clemente community center, enabling classes and internet connections that had been hampered by their absence.


WSU Catalyst founder Josh McKamie and a small team of pre-med and mission-minded students set up a trip to take simple water filters to orphanages in Ghana.  It was a great celebration of what students can do to transform the world with $100!


Art for Belize

From Melanie:

We are raising money to purchase art supplies for the weekly children's craft day at Las Flores Community Center in Belize.

In March of 2010, I was able to study abroad in Belize with Wayne State University of Detroit, Michigan. I was part of a 25 member group that held healthcare clinics all across the country. The last day of the clinics, my classmates and I setup a clinic in Las Flores Community Center. While I was there I was able to meet the director of the center and her daughter. Margarita, the director's daughter, is a nine year old who stole my heart and served as the inspiration for this project. When I think of Belize, I think of Margarita.

The community center is one establishment that brings a new face to an area that is distraught and impoverished. The center offers much to the needed community in the area of the arts. Displays on a variety of topics are presented throughout the year on music, natural science and crafts. There are also books, computers and other educational resources available. All this is achieved with a very limited amount of resources. Every Saturday the center offers craft day for the children of the community. However, this program is inadequately funded, with there only being enough supplies for twelve children, one of those children being my new nine year old friend. With the help from us, many more children would have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and gain confidence in mastering projects, while building their self-concept, growing their young minds, and serving as an inspiration to propel them into the future.

As I write this, I see a huge smile on Margarita's face and envision how the supplies could enhance the life experiences of all the children within the community.

All money donated will pay for the art supplies and the shipping cost to Belize.

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Food Desert Tours

Olivia was inspired by the field trip the Catalyst group took to Central Detroit Christian’s "Peaches and Greens Produce Market". The market was created to address the problem of healthy food access in the neighborhood. Many consider Detroit a “food desert”, a place without access to adequate food. No chain grocery store exists in the entire city. Over 90% of food stamps in the city are spent at gas stations or convenience stores. This fact is responsible for many health consequences, including obesity and type II diabetes.

Olivia hopes to inform suburban residents of Metro Detroit of this great problem through “food desert” tours. Olivia is currently exploring what these tours will look like in reality.


Support Joy-Southfield CDC Clinic!

The Joy-Southfield clinic is in need of funding for their pharmacy to provide medications to those that can't otherwise afford it.

This project is by Rhiannon Lewis & Samantha Scannell

Information on the clinic can be found here: http://www.joysouthfield.org/index.html
This video also provides information on the clinic: http://www.youtube.com/watch...

Due to budget cuts, the pharmacy at Joy-Southfield is unable to provide their usual amount of medications to patients. In an effort to compensate for the budget cut, we have decided to do a fundraiser for the clinic.

The clinic provides aid to those of the community in the far west of Detroit.

The service goals of the Health & Education center include (as stated on their website):

Improve the health status of the Joy-Southfield community through expanded access to primary and preventative care.

Provide a patient home for underinsured residents of the community, such that timely management of chronic illnesses reduces dependence on emergency departments.

Build a permanent facility that is dedicated to and designed for the provision of health care services.

Provide regular life style management education programs designed to assist community residents in preventing, minimizing and controlling the occurrence of preventable acute health incidences.

Become recognized as a provider of quality primary and preventative health care for the poor and underinsured segments of the Joy-Southfield community.

Attract federal and local grants to help sustain the operation of the clinic and make it a long-term source of health care for residents in this community.